A Band Called Malice was formed when frontman Andy Coultas decided to create a new band. A band to recreate the sound of The Jam with the attitude and feel of the original line up. Finding musicians to do this was not an easy task as the people in the band had to be of exceptional standard, able to sing, able to commit, love The Jam, and of course be fit and agile enough to reproduce the live performance of Weller, Foxton and Buckler.


Andy turned to Jo Adams from Their music rocks promotional agency and the search was on. So after a year of auditions and rehearsals, trying different people, some who were good contenders but unable to commit and some others who for one reason or another unsuitable we finally settled on this superb line up we have today. The current band members are spread from around the Midlands so rehearsal time was precious but everyone did their homework and kept any wasted time to a minimum, meeting at Warren's professional rehearsal rooms in Leicester, all the band needed now was to gel and work well together live, but thankfully because all three members were so experienced, the band were up and running in a flash.


Read the biographies of each band member to see the standard of professionalism and then come see the band live to witness a show which will take you back to the late seventies and early eighties when The Jam played as one of the most iconic and influential bands in music history. If you like The Jam then you will love A Band Called Malice  and guaranteed to have an unforgettable evening for the right reasons!


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