Andy Coultas as "Paul Weller"

Andy Coultas - started playing guitar just after leaving school, learning rock and roll and 70's hits. He played his first ever gig at a local sailing club where they only knew one song (Johnny b Goode) so played it 5 times. Chuck berry became a big musical influence but he turned to rock music as these were the only bands about to play in. The Jam passed him by at the time, although he did have a couple of Jam singles and liked the sounds that were around. It was years on when playing some Jam songs in a punk/new wave covers band that Andy developed a real love for The Jam. Andy sings and plays with a natural passion and says it's the music that lights his fuse. He has had over 30 years of playing guitar in rock bands, original bands, punk bands and new wave bands, playing at many events including  Butlins, Warner Breaks, Tribute Festivals, Scooter Rallies  in the UK and overseas. 

Andy  has lots of experience as "Paul Weller" having fronted another Jam Tribute  for over 10years leaving in Apr 17, fronted a Weller/style council tribute, played in Jam/Weller acoustic duos and also as a solo performer. He has repeatedly stood in for several other Jam tributes over the years but his time now is mainly devoted to A Band Called Malice. 

Warren Mee as "Rick Buckler"

Warren lives and breathes drums and is a huge fan of The Jam. He has been involved in playing drums since the age of 11 years old, highly influenced by the wide ranging musical tastes of Adam and the Ants, Iron Maiden, The Beatles, Metallica, Slayer, Nirvana, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and of course, The Jam! He achieved a grade 8 distinction at drums and teaches drums for a living at his music school in Leicestershire. Warren has been part of many bands throughout his career, including covers and originals projects, the most successful of which was the Red Mock Chili Peppers, who played throughout the UK at many Universities, Butlins complexes and tribute venues, and numerous gigs in Malta, Romania and Bahrain. We also have a very capable dep drummer, Richard Reid, formerly of The Jamm.


Matt Barker  as  "Bruce Foxton"

Matt is a huge Jam fan and takes on the role of "Bruce Foxton" with passion and energy.  Matt can really move like Foxton even recreating some of those iconic "jumps!"   




Chris Barr  as  "Bruce Foxton"

toxton chris.jpg

Chris Barr – was surrounded by music throughout his childhood, being influenced by his two older brothers and his Dad, listening to music from the Britpop era but also earlier music by the likes of  50’s and 60’s Rock N Roll, 70’s Glam Rock, 80’s New Romantics and still to this day, he lives a breaths music from all these genres.

After years of listening to music from such great bands during his childhood, he decided that he wanted to play guitar. When he was 11, his Dad brought him his first guitar (but had to wait a year for the amp to go with) and was pushed by his family to stick with it. After a while, Chris started being influenced by punk bands such as the Clash, the Sex Pistols and many others. During this time, his oldest brother was also influencing him on the music of Paul Weller, the Jam and the Who.

His first gig was at the age of 15 at a Summer Festival hosted at a local pub playing songs like Pretty Vacant and Teenage Kicks. When he was 17, he picked up his first bass, playing in original bands but after years of this, he played with multiple cover bands.

In recent years, Chris had been playing bass for the UK Killers tribute band (The Killerz) and with great success, he has played all over the UK and a few countries in Europe with the band and has also played festivals with the likes of The Happy Mondays, Paul Heaton and Jackie Abbott, Marc Almond, Deacon Blue and many others.

Chris has joined ‘A Band Called Malice’ with great determination and a fire in his belly to recreate the role of one of the best and underrated bass players in time, Bruce Foxton.


Terry Lines -  Dep Foxton