Andy Coultas as "Paul Weller"

Andy Coultas - started playing guitar just after leaving school, learned rock and roll and 70's hits. He played his first ever gig at a local sailing club where they only knew one song (Johnny b Goode) so played it 5 times. Chuck berry became a big musical influence but he turned to rock music as these were the only bands about to play in. The jam passed him by at the time, although he did have a couple of Jam singles and liked the sounds that were around. It was years on when playing some jam songs in a punk/new wave covers band that Andy developed a real love for The Jam. Andy sings and plays with a natural passion and says it's the music that lights his fuse. He has had over 30 years of playing guitar in rock bands, original bands, punk bands and new wave bands, playing weddings, Butlins, warner breaks, tribute festivals, etc. in the UK and overseas. 

Andy fronted The Jam'd for well over 10years leaving in Apr 17, fronted a Weller/style council tribute, played in Jam/Weller acoustic duos and also as a solo performer. He has repeatedly stood in for several other Jam tributes over the years but his time now is mainly devoted to A Band Called Malice. 

Chris Malin as "Bruce Foxton"

Chris Malin has played with the best – a real Who’s Who of music greats, including recording with members of ELO, session work with award-winning percussionist, Hossam Ramzy, working with Woody Woodmansy, standing in for Trevor Boulder (both musicians played with Bowie) on several projects and on to auditions with such luminaries as Peter Gabriel and Paul Weller. He has worked as a songwriter for Sony, penning material for artistes such as Kylie Minogue and Jamiroquai. Chris has had offers of tour  work from amongst other “P Diddy”.   During the last half decade, Chris has also performed to an average of a quarter of a million people a year in numerous UK and European venues, including Austria, Croatia and Portugal.   

Chris brings a wealth of experience and stage performance expertise to A Band Called Malice and recreates the “Bruce Foxton” role with precision.  He is a master of the bass guitar and exciting to watch perform.

Warren Mee as "Rick Buckler"

Warren lives and breathes drums and is a huge fan of The Jam. He has been involved in playing drums since the age of 11 years old, highly influenced by the wide ranging musical tastes of Adam and the Ants, Iron Maiden, The Beatles, Metallica, Slayer, Nirvana, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and of course, The Jam! He achieved a grade 8 distinction at drums and teaches drums for a living at his music school in Leicestershire. Warren has been part of many bands throughout his career, including covers and originals projects, the most successful of which was the Red Mock Chili Peppers, who played throughout the UK at many Universities, Butlins complexes and tribute venues, and numerous gigs in Malta, Romania and Bahrain.